Bad Director, No Hobbit for You

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I don’t really get the new vogue on the part of studio execs for publicly calling-out the talent. Maybe they’re tired and cranky from counting all their money. But last summer Sumner Redstone got all up in Tom Cruise’s grill, and now some guy from New Line is all, like, no way is Peter Jackson making The Hobbit here. I don’t pretend to understand the legal and interpersonal complexities — apparently Jackson is suing New Line over some kind of accounting issues left over from LOTR — but come on. I have my problems with how Jackson handles Tolkien — I thought they played Gollum way over the top, and there was a little too much homosocial jumping-on-the-bed there at the end — but it’s a beloved franchise, and I’m nervous about the idea of somebody else taking it on.

How can they hate on Peter Jackson? He’s so big and furry! And he’s from New Zealand! Can’t they settle their differences with a hip-hobbit rap battle?