Firefly News: It’s Always Summer…in My Heart

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(More bits and pieces today, as I continue to cope with a debilitating illness and a brutal deadline, both. Keep those cards and letters coming.)

I’m a sick Firefly fan. I barely watched it when it was on — lay its premature death at my feet, go ahead, I didn’t ‘get’ it — but I wore out the DVD set. And now I always get a pleasant little pulse of recognition whenever I spot one of its (notoriously multitudinous) cast members anywhere on-screen. Which, yeah, doesn’t happen very often. (I skipped Slither.)

But now it turns out Summer Glau – wounded psychic River on the show — will have a spot as a Terminator on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Nice. I’ve always thought that her odd, otherworldly looks must make her hard to cast, so it’s good to see her workin’. I hope she gets to kick some people.

(Cue random funny Serenity bloopers.)

[And now that I look at her IMDb page, linked above, she’s got lots more credits. Oh, Summer, why was I even worried?]