New Halo Wars Screenshot

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Another gorgeous screenshot from Halo Wars — the Halo world RTS game — has calved off the great secret Halo Wars iceberg and floated into the warm public waters of the Internet:
This is something called a Sparrowhawk – some kind of short-range Harrier-type VTOL unit? – caught in the act of stirring up circular whorls of dust. The image seems to come – via Kotaku – from a French website, where everything sounds so classy and lyrical — the headline is “Halo Wars se montre timidement.” Suddenly it’s like Baudelaire was a games journalist.

In other news, 300 had a ridiculous opening. Fanboy power. This is good: it should give Snyder a free hand with making Watchmen.

Just FYI, posting will be light this week, as I’m on vacation.