Hulk Smash! Again! Only Better This Time! Hopefully!

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I had no idea they were going back to the Hulk well, for more Hulk-water (I should trademark that word now: Hulk-water). More details on the new Hulk movie are at Ain’t It Cool News. Apparently they’re calling it The Incredible Hulk this time, and it’s a 2008 release. My God. It’s as if Ang Lee’s The Hulk never even happened!

Quickfire challenge: what 5 things should the new Hulk movie do differently from the old Hulk movie?

1. The Hulk should have a constant size. He shouldn’t inflate and deflate like a parade balloon.

2. The movie shouldn’t take itself so damn seriously. I mean, I love Ang Lee, but he shot that movie like an opera. A really long opera. The actors must understand that they are not going to get an Oscar for being in The Incredible Hulk. They shouldn’t even try to get a Golden Globe.

3. Nick Nolte shouldn’t randomly turn into the Absorbing Man. And I don’t mean to get all crazy-go-nuts here, but maybe Nick Nolte shouldn’t even be in this one.

4. If the Hulk fights more mutated hulkified dogs, maybe he should do it in the daytime when we can see what’s going on.

5. This one should be Incredible. I mean it pretty much has to be with that title.