Webby Nominees Announced: I Don’t Care and I Don’t Know Why!

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Webby nominees are here.

There was a time, in the mid-90s, when I worked in Web production, when it almost seemed like the Webbies were going to turn into something you could care about. I even went to the ceremony one year in New York City. eBay won for best auction site, but nobody from eBay was there to accept, so the guy I was standing next to bum-rushed the stage, accepted the Webby, made a profane speech, and ran away into the night. Seemed about right.

But now the idea of pretending to care about the winner of the best Pharmaceuticals site, or the best Professional Services (?) site, seems to emanate from some alternate universe so distant that even sarcasm can’t get there. It’s just kind of sad.

I’m way more interested in the new iRobot pool cleaning ‘bot.