MC Frontalot: An Inexhaustible Nerdcore Flow

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A quick note to plug nerdcore icon MC Frontalot’s new album Secrets from the Future. If you require background on the whole nerdcore phenomenon, I’ve blogged about it here and here. Frontalot was the first artist who got me into nerdcore hip-hop, and he’s fast becoming it’s most visible spokesperson – cf. the upcoming documentary Nerdcore Rising, a recent Diesel Sweeties strip. Secrets from the Future is relentlessly clever and entertaining and also kind of awesomely funky. Some highlights:

“Livin’ at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe”: a chill-out groove set entirely in the world of Chris Onstad’s genius webcomic Achewood. F-f-frickin’ awesome.

— “Bizarro Genius Baby”: the Front begets a freakishly brilliant infant. Atrocities ensue.

— “It Is Pitch Dark”: A meditation on early text adventure games. While listening I realized I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear somebody rap the line, “you/are likely/to be/eaten by a grue.”

— “A Skit About Robots”: Front offers to stab an automated voicemail menu program in the EPROM.

— “I Hate Your Blog.” One tries not to take these things personally.

Frontalot’s currently on tour pretty much everywhere except New York City. Dang.