Art Inspired by Video Games

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Kotaku has a report from the opening of a gallery show devoted to I Am 8-Bit, a collection (and book) of art inspired by classic video games. Apparently Joust is extra-inspirational, since it’s heavily represented.

On the whole the art isn’t amazingly great, but it’s kind of heartwarming to see video games get connected up with avant-garde visual culture, instead of being kept in the attic and fed on fishheads all the time. And there are some standout pieces: check out this gorgeous painting of a piranha plant from Super Mario Brothers. And this hella spooky portrait of an incarcerated, restrained Qbert made me feel funny.

If you think I have any idea what it means, you’re reading the wrong blog. Personally I like looking at things like this. Is it just me or is the actor who plays Neville getting weirdly handsome? Move over Colin Firth! Growr.