Wil Wheaton on the Making of Star Trek

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Ordinarily I don’t subscribe to a world-view that accepts that a single blog posting is sufficient pretext for my doing a blog post of my own to link to it. I make an exception for Wil Wheaton’s posts on TV Squad. Periodically Wheaton — who played Wesley on Star Trek: The Next Generation — will re-watch one of the old episodes and write a re-cap-slash-behind-the-scenes account of the making of said episode. I find these posts incredibly funny and intensely nostalgia-inducing. Here is but a small sample:

Transporter Chief Buffalo Bill puts the lotion in the basket, and beams over . . . a mysterious box. What’s in the box? Should they trade the red snapper for what could be inside? Red snapper is very tasty, but there could be anything inside! There could even be a boat in there!

Before we get to open the box and find out what it contains, a face on the front of the box (played by Armin Shimmerman, in a cool non-Ferengi role) announces that it has a message for Troi: Lwaxana Troi and the Miller family are pretty excited for a big event of some sort. Ah! It’s a Betazoid Gift box, of course, and it’s there to announce the joyous joining of Wyatt Miller and . . . someone. The box then takes a big jewel s___ all over the transporter. While Tasha rubs the box’s nose in it so it can think about what it’s done, Troi tells Riker that the box didn’t contain a boat after all. They should have kept the red snapper, because that someone getting married is her. Gulp.

Anyway, Wheaton just did another one. If I were you I’d go there now. No, really, I understand. Just go.