The Time 100 Party: Hot Nerd Gossip Roundup!

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This is a tease. There was no hot gossip coming out of the party for the Time 100. But there were some huge power nerds there, including George Lucas, who reportedly called Spider-man 3 silly, which is something that I happen to agree with. He also mentioned the Star Wars TV shows — “they won’t have members of the Skywalker family as characters,” he said. “They will be other people of that milieu.”

There’s plenty of other info out there about the TV shows, most of it similarly vague — I thought they would be a series, though in that recent interview he seems to be talking about two one-hour one-offs (I think it’s possibly that’s a mis-quote). I find it interesting that Lucas seems to see them as a chance to get back to the low-to-no budget filmmaking tactics of his avant-garde youth, though this time with a digital-backlot angle. May the force etc., George.

I was actually at the Time 100 party, and though I didn’t talk to Lucas, I did chat with two other power nerds. Chess deity Garry Kasparov was incredibly, unexpectedly charming. We didn’t talk about chess — he’s wholly committed to his career in Russian politics at this point, and he was having some mixed feelings about being seated at the same table with Henry Kissinger, who he said had made a recent public appearance with his (Kasparov’s) arch-nemesis Putin. I also talked to an extremely nice, funny woman who was so young and soft-spoken I figured she must be an intern of some kind. Turned out it was America Ferrara. I need to watch more TV.