This Post Must Be Written in Under 5 Minutes

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I’m under extreme deadline pressure, exacerbated by my need to get to a Halo 3 preview event this afternoon. Not that I’m complaining about that second bit. Anyway, I’m passing the savings on to you.

The Terminator is coming back. Sans Arnold. Though is this news? They’re already doing the Sarah Connor Chronicles, with Lena Headey of 300 fame well-cast in the lead role.

— Harry Knowles leads the backlash to the Spider-man 3 backlash in a thoughtful review

— the Google Earth team now has a blog. Helpful for Google Earth users like me who are too lazy to go out and find the cool stuff themselves.

— I saw a preview screening of Sunshine yesterday but probably shouldn’t blog about it, except to say that it probably has some of the best spacewalk sequences I’ve ever seen. Very 2001.

Gaze on the ruins of what was once Tokyo.

And…we’re clear.