Nerd Cinema: I Am an Involuntary Transformers Movie Shill

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I don’t even want to see the Transformers movie. I just want to watch this trailer. Over and over again:

I’m loving the jump-jet guy. It’s like the Harrier from Schwarzenegger’s True Lies woke up and realized it needed its own movie.

Why? Why is this movie good? The Transformers were a B-list toy franchise. Michael Bay is an action hack. This can’t be happening — it’s like Pirates of the Caribbean all over again. (It’s a done deal that we’ll be lining up for Transformers 3 in 2009, followed by Transformers vs. Terminator, followed by Transformers vs. Rutger Hauer.) But — wow. All movies should be about a big spiky guy who shoulders his way sideways through a bus. Seriously. That should be an MPAA guideline.