Will Smith Is Legend. Legend Has Nice Abs

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Trailer’s up for I Am Legend. It’s a last-man-on-earth story, based on a science fiction novel I’ve never read (anybody?) I believe Will Smith plays the sole survivor of some kind of nuclear catastrophe — the Brooklyn Bridge bites it in the trailer, anyway, the victim of an air-to-surface missile attack. Smith does lots of chin-ups (personally I would let myself go) and races around in a sports car. Then some vampires turn up, I think, though they didn’t make it into the trailer.

Good trailer. Chances of actual movie not sucking…I’m gonna say 60%? The director is Francis Lawrence, who I’m happy to see is out of movie jail after his first movie, Constantine, under-performed. Speaking as the only person who liked Constantine, this strikes me as good news.

It puts me in mind of a book that’s out next month, Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us, which I want to read, about what, hypothetically, would happen to the planet if humanity disappeared. Apparently, as far as Manhattan goes, it works like this: the subways flood; skyscraper foundations erode; skyscrapers fall down. Oh, and all the roaches die. It would almost be worth it.