Three Movies I Want to See, Starring Jack Black, Strong Sad and Seth Rogen

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1. Man-Witch. Jack Black plays a teacher who discovers he has magical abilities. He then has to join a coven and go to magic school with a bunch of girly-witches. There is nothing about this concept that I don’t like. Nothing. IMDB has this as 2009.

2. The Homestar Runner Movie. Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing about the state of the world today that in any way suggests to me that I will ever see a Homestar Runner movie. But I want to. According to the article linked above they’re not even doing TV — apparently they’re content to rule the Web as the grandmasters of flash cartooning. I interviewed these guys three-four years ago and was expecting them to break out any minute — I had book editors calling me, begging me to help them land the Homestar Runner book deal — or even the Homsar book deal – but no dice. They still refuse to sell out, yo.

3. Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse. Ca s’explique: