Flight of the Conchords: Sniff This One, It’s Dead

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I am not among the earthly elect who subscribe to HBO (nor for that matter am I among that somewhat larger elite class who own a TV) but these days video content is leaking messily all over the Internet, which is how I caught the first episode of Flight of the Conchords this weekend. The premise: a nerdy folk-singing duo from New Zealand trying to make it in downtown Manhattan.

It is, intermittently, pretty brilliant. The first episode was notable for the Conchords’ performance of “The Humans Are Dead,” a musical eulogy for the human race delivered by two robots, featuring an excellent impression of Stephen Hawking-style synthesized speech.

Concert footage of the duo performing “Humans” is embedded below. Worth a view. In the future there are no more elephants. There is also no more unethical treatment of elephants…

Once again without emotion!