The Top 10^H^H^H^H^H6 Geek T-Shirts

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This post began life as a top-10 list of the finest in nerdwear. Nerds are, of course, a t-shirt-loving people, and the richness and diversity of their t-shirt culture is a beacon for all of mankind. After weeks of sifting through possibilities — yes, I actually devoted a lot of time to this — and a whole lot of jokes about rogues, I present you with my findings. Which are 6 in number.

1. Han Shot First. Well, he did.

2. I Roll 20s. Do people think you roll anything else? Disabuse them. (This version’s also good.)

3. The RPG shirt. It’s the missing pull-down menu for all situations. If you require something way way obscurer, go for Twisp and Catsby. I think there’s probably a German word for the pleasure of wearing a t-shirt nobody will ever get, ever.

4. Wordless Indiana Jones t-shirt. Graphically appealing, instantly recognizable, and message-wise, it’s timelier than ever. I have two words for this t-shirt: LUV YOU.

5. I’M THE GUY WHO SUCKS/PLUS I GOT DEPRESSION. It kind of explains itself. Based on the apparel of that great geek avatar, Achewood’s Roast Beef. He’s a cat, he’s furry, he doesn’t have to wear a t-shirt, but he wears this one. For all of us.

6. 1up. I feel calmer just looking at this shirt. I feel somehow — I don’t know — lifier.

(As noted above, this list started life as a top-10 list, but I felt like I was having trouble coming up with genuine top-quality geek t-shirts. So if anybody can top these, please have at it, and let’s fill out the final 4. Because the more shirts I have, the less often I have to do laundry.)