They Might Be Giants; Melted Brains; Futurama

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I have almost — but not quite — nothing to blog about today, so I will simply note that I am grooving, really intensely, to “The Mesopotamians,” off “The Else,” the new album by nerd-rock legends They Might Be Giants. There’s an intermittent quality to TMBG’s brilliance, but I don’t think that makes their genius any less genuine.

I’ve been scrounging around the Net for a functional stream of this song — there may be one on Rhapsody here, but I think it’s interacting weirdly with our corporate firewall; likewise it looks like there might be something on TMBG’s site, but it requires an ultra-current version of Quicktime, and I don’t have privileges to update software on my work machine…something in my brain just melted.

Oh, and yeah, speaking of intermittently brilliant, we’re getting more Futurama.