Whatever Happened to Joss Whedon?

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I was dickering around with Ain’t It Cool News’s Comic-Con updates, which contain some tidbits about Joss Whedon — he’s thinking about doing a BBC movie about Rupert Giles from Buffy. And I felt a pang when I realized I hadn’t seen anything by Whedon onscreen since Serenity two years ago.

Anyway, there was a link to an incredibly charming webcomic Whedon did called “Sugarshock.” It’s exactly as fluffy as it sounds (“Dude, GWAR fell on your car!”) but it — I think I said this — charmed me incredibly. And I felt a double-pang when I realized how good it was. Come back, Joss Whedon! Make Goners or whatever it is you have to do, just come back!