Thorwatch: The Thorening

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This IGN story lists two casting rumors for Matthew Vaughn’s Thor movie, one horrible and one actually pretty great. Horrible: a pro wrestler named Triple H. Pretty great: Kevin McKidd, who played Lucius Vorenus in Rome.

Sure, Vorenus was kinda whiny at times, but McKidd clearly has chops and would lend some thespian credibility to the whole enterprise. Plus as a non-star he’s probably cheap, so they can spend lots of money on a fancy CGI J√∂rmungandr. (Actually my first reaction was that McKidd might be too short to play Thor, before I realized that he’s six feet — he just looks small because he has all his scenes with Ray Stevenson, who’s enormous (and who has just been cast as The Punisher in The Punisher 2: It’s Surprising That They’re Making a Sequel to The Punisher.))

Maybe Triple H can go off and play Conan in the (alleged) new Conan movies.

Meanwhile I will attempt to read this really long piece about Philip K. Dick in the New Yorker.