Are These the Top 5 Cars Invented This Year?

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I’m hip-deep in inventions that need to be sorted-through for the Best Inventions issue. So I figured I’d post a few and wait for comments, thus harnessing the awesome power of user-generated content.

I usually have a lot of trouble with the cars category, mainly because I know crap about cars. What can I say, I live in New York, we have good public transportation. We get dozens of entries every year, and after a while they all kinda start to look the same. They’re hybrids, they’re really small, they have three wheels, etc., etc., etc. Here’s a few I’m looking at for this year. What do you think?

The City Car. It’s stackable! But I’m not sure we can really say it’s been invented yet if it only exists in the form of a rendering on Frank Gehry’s hard drive.

The VentureOne. It’s really really small and has three wheels. And a slogan: “Fly the road.”

The MiniCat. It’s like a miniature mini-van. That’s two minis in one! And it runs on compressed air.

The Venturi Astrolab. They’re billing this as the first commercially available electric car that’s partly solar-powered. Which I’m all for. Though I think they make a good comparison between driving the Astrolab and sailing, which is that you’d only really do it when the weather was right.

The Saab Aero X. It runs on bioethanol. But I would never even start it. I would just stand in the driveway opening and closing the cockpit.