Cast Away: Star Trek and Harry Potter

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I’m always fascinating by random casting tidbits. I had a brief stint writing Time’s celebrity news page, and I always tried to make my editor run casting rumors that were unfounded and uninteresting and probably legally actionable. Now that I have a blog I can record the following:

Zoe Saldana, who seems to occasionally spell her first name with an umlaut and her last with a tilda, has been cast as Uhura in the new Star Trek movie.

Jim Broadbent has been cast in the small but crucial role of Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Broadbent – who’s one of those actors whose automatically good in everything — is rocking some serious late-life nerd cred, since he’s in both Narnia movies (he’s kindly Uncle Kirke) and Indy 4.

In other news, Philip K. Dick’s daughter is surprisingly normal-looking. Here’s her memory of going to see Blade Runner four months after her father died:

“I went with my mom and I remember that there were maybe two other people in the whole theater and that was the way it was everywhere — the movie was a total failure,” Isa Dick Hackett said. “I remember too that the lights came up before the dedication at the end, so I didn’t even get to see that. It was like a double slap in the face.”