5 Minutes of Cloverfield

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It used to be you felt like you were getting away with something when you embedded video in your blog — you were “appropriating” the Man’s media, “recontextualizing” it within your own “agenda.” Truly, early 2007 was a heady time for our nation’s idealistic young dreamers. Now I just feel like I’m another footsoldier in a viral marketing campaign.

Though I am still my own man enough to say this: J.J. Abrams needs to work on his cue-card-reading manner. There, I said it. The revolution lives.

And when did it get to be a “thing” anyway, releasing 5 minutes of your movie online? In the past few days I’ve seen the opening credits of Sweeney Todd (“I will have vennnnnnnngeance”) and 5 minutes of I am Legend.

And before I forget, in other hand-held-camera-movie news, check out this deeply messed-up trailer for the Spanish horror movie [REC]. ¡Yeesh!