The World Rejoices As One More Simpsons Writer Blogs!

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Tim Long, a fellow writer on The Simpsons, has joined me in a desperate cause: slowing the rate at which soon-to-become-obsolete magazines become obsolete. That is, he also trying to prop up a dying medium with the miracle cure of ONLINE CONTENT. Here is Tim Long’s witty, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that piece for

It makes sense that Tim is writing for Vanity Fair, as he is a hilarious, charming bon vivant who hobnobs with the cultural elite. I write for Time, on the other hand, because I’m a workmanlike stiff who likes picking Men of the Year.

Having spent countless hours in the writers’ room with Tim thinking of new ways for Homer to apologize to Marge, I vouch for the excellence of his comedic voice. And if you doubt his nerd credentials, ask him about the theme of his grade-school school eyeglasses. Here’s a hint: the theme was Battlestar Galactica.