Good Morning Nerdshine

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I have not one but three horrific deadlines to meet today, which is why I was awake at one o’clock this morning exploring whether or not it’s possible to read a book and shave your head at the same time. (It is! Sort of.) On the bright side, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Lego brick today, the long-awaited international cyberagnarok has finally commenced, and — according to Ain’t It Cool, which reads the Hollywood Reporter so I don’t have to — Guillermo del Toro is up for the job of directing two Hobbit movies. Hate on me if you must, but I think he’d bring some much-needed humor and visual flair and emotional discipline to the Tolkien franchise. There I said it.

(This blog is not the only entry in the Google database for “cyberagnarok.” So close though.)