More Fun Than Playing Games: Listing Them!

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Quick plug for the 2007 Game of the Year Critics poll, a first-of-its-kind (as far as I know) project where they made lots of game critics (including me) pick their favorite games of the year using a point-allotment system, then totaled up all the points, then made a kind of meta-list out of all that data. The results are here.

No huge surprises, but come on: as any magazine journalist will tell you, all lists are automatically interesting no matter what. The most interesting part for me was the bit where some of the judges revealed their voting ballots. Looks like there was major behind-the-scenes love for world-class time-suck Desktop Tower Defense. Who knew?

Also note that they didn’t do that lame traffic-mongering thing that we do, putting each list item on a different page. One list, one page. Classy.

In other news, there will be more Portal. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.