Trailer Alert: Indiana Jones and the Adjunct Professorship of Destiny!

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The first Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer is up:

Lots of obligatory shots from the earlier movies, for the benefit of those who weren’t born yet. (Through diligent archival research and expensive digital touch-ups they managed to salvage 6 watchable seconds from Temple of Doom.) Then on to wry, aging Indy! Plus skinny, fresh-faced Shia, and a ravishingly bewigged Cate Blanchett as some kind of Soviet dominatrix. (Sadly we don’t get much of older but still-feisty Karen Allen, who I understand has been running a knitting business all these years. (Seriously, true fact — she has a knitting business.))

The two themes that emerge seem to be: one, he’s old now, and he’s lost a step, but he’s still tough and good-looking. Fair enough. Two, there’s a clear interest in circling back to the first movie, with all that ancient Meso-American architecture in the mix, and the return to what appears to be the Ark warehouse, and the recurrence of Indy’s actual day job as a professor. All of which feel about right. I’m feeling the luv!