Watchmen Alert: What Some of Them Look Like

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Watchmen is one of those things — like most nerdy things — where if you haven’t read it you couldn’t care less, but if you have read it it’s massively important to you. I’m in that second group. Which is why I’m posting these character shots from the upcoming Watchmen movie (so cruelly lampooned by co-blogger Matt on The Simpsons).

I think they look amazing. I get that feeling that maybe he (meaning director Zack “300” Snyder) is doing it again.

Click to embiggen:


First up, the Comedian in all his bad-assed middle-aged glory. That actor, whoever he is, definitely nails the leer.


Nite Owl. The dude looks good, the ship looks great.


Interesting. A bit more foppish than I’d expected, and that headpiece — I guess it’s supposed to evoke Caesar’s laurels? But interesting.


Rorschach. Yep, that’s Rorschach. If you’re wondering that’s Jackie Earle Hailey in the suit.


Silk Spectre. I don’t remember her quite this va-va-voom in the comic — I remember her with a slightly faded quality. But maybe I’m projecting. The actress is Carla Gugino, who looks positively prim in this outfit after Sin City.

I guess they’re saving Dr. Manhattan for a big reveal. Warner Brothers also sent me a Watchmen-themed digital clock which is counting down the seconds till the movie premieres this time next year. Watchmen Babies in 2010!