Speed Racer Trailers Still Refusing to Suck

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When my daughter (age 3) wants me to shut up she says “Daddy, stop saying words!”

That’s what I want to say to the actors in the Wachowski brothers’ Speed Racer, two new trailers for which are on the Web. (They are “international trailers,” which I don’t know what that means.) The movie features Emile Hirsch (who’s significantly upgraded his ride from the broke-ass magic bus of Into the Wild), clad in white leather, and John Goodman mouthing sort of campy Rebel Without a Cause-type dialogue, which will be very funny if the dialogue in the trailer constitutes all the spoken lines in the entire movie. Which it probably won’t.

But the driving scenes are just ridiculous — it’s like the Wachowski brothers are the first people to realize that making a movie with CGI means you can show a car doing whatever you want it to do. It’s like what you thought driving would be like when you were 5. It’s that cool. And Speedie’s car is looking sweet. Sweet as in, I want to lick it, it looks so cool.

And then when people aren’t driving they’re punching each other.