The Awesomeness of Dead Fantasy II

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I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you watch all 11 minutes of this. But I don’t see how any true green-blooded nerd wouldn’t want to watch some of it. Dead Fantasy II (there’s also a Dead Fantasy I) is a ridiculous fan film in which the women of Final Fantasy and the women of Dead or Alive kick the crap out of each other in about 90,000 awesome ways. Watch for a couple of unannounced cameos further in — video game pantheons are mixed freely and with no regard for continuity. We’re in the multiverse here.

The auteur is somebody named Monty Oum, and my helm is off to him, whoever he is — the choreography and camerawork are just relentlessly cool throughout. Any commenter who can clarify the technical side of how a film like this gets made (not to mention the legal side?), I’d be curious. Personal favorite scenes include the vertical wall-sliding battle that starts at 3:30, and a very quick, slick bottle-smashing sequence at 6:15. Yours? And who is that white-winged lady who enters at 7:15? Help?