Two Awesome Things that Need to Be Watched, by You

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I could have split these up and given them their own posts, but that would have required extra effort, and that’s not how we roll at the NW.

Thing 1: You’ve probably already seen this cardboard animation of the light cycle sequence in Tron, but you haven’t seen it here! Now you have. A testament to the power of unshaven French people.

(I know people are calling this a ‘sweded’ version, which I think is picked up from that movie Be Kind, Rewind, which I didn’t see. Apparently that word is well on its way to becoming real slang. But it still feels like fake slang to me.)

Thing 2. Did you see what I did there? I jumped the post to a second page, which I’ve never actually done before. Anyhoo, this is a PS3 demo called Linger in the Shadows:

God, that’s pretty. I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on, nor do I even understand what the whole demoscene is really about, but I understand pretty.

Of course it just makes me want a game that actually looks like that. Then when I finally get it I’ll complain about how great 8-bit games were, and how nobody understands good game mechanics anymore.