The Day the Steampunk Died

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Mostly today I’m trying to avoid listening to bad buzz about Indy 4lalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you.

I’m doing this while also trying to avoid looking at this piece in the New York Times Style section about steampunk fashion. Not that there isn’t a lot of useful information in there, but I do miss the days when steampunk was a subgenre of science fiction and one could enjoy it without the risk of being cool. (And I’m sorry, but nobody ever watches the movie of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for any reason, steampunky or otherwise.)

I’ll try to calm down by watching the undulating clockwork of the Analytical Engine:

On an unrelated note: id Software is making Doom 4. A lot of people were down on Doom 3, which I had a hard time understanding, because, you know, shooting monsters. Though one is of course more interested in the id’s intriguingly non-id-like Rage, due out later this year? I hope? Judging from this trailer it’s more punk than steam: