Penny Arcade and Homestar Runner: Now in Convenient, Sanitary Video Game Form

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I remember when I interviewed the Homestar Runner guys back in 2003. I was sure they were on the brink of founding a whole Homestar Runner entertainment empire. Christmas specials, parade floats, novelty mudflaps, the works. They were the Charles Schulz’s of the Web. After the interview ran I would get calls from publishers begging for the Brothers Chaps’s phone numbers.

As far as I know none of that ever happened. I don’t know why, maybe the Chappies just opted out. But they are releasing a Homestar Runner video game in June. The trailer is here:

Don’t know how this can possibly be better than Peasant’s Quest. Videlectrix forever.

Oh, and the Penny Arcade people just released a game too, which you probably knew about already: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Like the Homestar Runner game, it’s in an episodic format:

Both games appear to have opted out of the high-tech graphics rat race. Which is fine with me, content being king and all. Such is my fanboyistic enthusiasm for Penny Arcade that I am even willing to engage in turn-based combat in exchange for more Penny Arcade content.