More Profound Thoughts About My — Our? — PvP Obsession

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I don’t know how many of you out there in the land of the living read PvP. I do. There was a time when I did not ‘get’ why PvP was popular, but now that I’m down with the full continuity I find it consistently funny. I don’t even really mind that it has basically nothing to do with gaming anymore. Kurtz’s deep fluency in the code of pop culture allusion is enough to keep me going. Plus it updates every day like frickin’ clockwork, even on weekends. A rare — nay, unique — quality in a webcomic.

I’ve also gotten addicted to Kurtz’s side-project Ding!, which is pretty much a medical mystery since it’s set entirely in World of Warcraft, a game I do not play.

I only post about this because I’ve just discovered a kind of PvP-enhancing prosthetic: PvP Makes Me Sad, a blog that breaks down every PvP strip frame-by-frame, thus making me feel less sad and alone in my PvP obsession. It’s not always respectful — I think of it as a kind of loyal opposition — but it’s always insightful.

Also I have no e-mail, Wanted isn’t out yet, and it turns out you need Leopard to use the Spore Creature Creator, and my Mac is running Bobcat or Civet or some other lesser feline.