Sent from My iPhone…3G SUCKAAAAZZZZZ!!!

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This wasn’t actually sent from my iPhone 3G. I’m waiting till I get home to sync it with my Powerbook. But I do have it. (Have = Apple has loaned me a unit for review purposes.) It’s sitting on my desk, charging up through its surprisingly weensy charger.

The scene at the store (the glass cube store in midtown Manhattan) was sedate, compared to the initial launch, but it definitely was a scene. I don’t know if the line was around the block, but it turned the corner. Personally, I think I have reached a sufficiently advanced age that I no longer get that elusive gadget high when acquiring a piece of high-end personal technology, even an iPhone. But I’m definitely looking forward to firing it up. Say what you like, it’s the best phone around.

3G 4 Life.