Dr. Horrible Is the iPhone of Web Video

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I was trying to remember the last time I’d seen this kind of nerd feeding frenzy over something. Then I remembered.

And truly, it is a thing to behold. I got impatient yesterday with the server problems and bought a season pass on iTunes (where the evil Doctor is currently holding down the #1 slot in the TV category). $3.99 well spent — the rewatchability of Dr. Horrible is impressive. The melancholy with which Doogie delivers the line, “I just need to rule it,” gets me every time. And to think that he does that opening monologue in one shot. Nice.

James P. has catalogued the multitudinous greatnesses of Dr. Horrible. I will just add a peeve, which is the love interest, who so far hasn’t had much to do. And does she have to be helping the homeless? I get it, I get it, she’s a good person.

But that’s a peeve. I’ve been rewatching clips from “Once More With Feeling” to get me through the wait for Act II. I wonder how much Whedon and co. are making off this thing? If anybody can make webisodes economically viable, it’s him. Balls!