Bennigan’s Wake

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Goodbye to skins, goodbye to wings
Popcorn shrimp no more
Farewell, all greasy, crispy things
Bennigan’s has closed its door

Adios fajitas, adieu French fries
Sayonara, egg rolls, mini
The end of Brownie Bottom Pies
Yes, Bennigan’s is fini

What did her in, most loved of chains?
Well, science says say it’s that
The appetizers clogged your veins
With ninety grams, trans-fat

But who could hate, fake Irish lore
And bacon chunks, deep-fried
The cooks were from El Salvador
But they felt Celtic pride

A tragic tale, an epic loss
This final Chapter, Seven
Pray to a spicy, Buffalo cross
There’s a Bennigan’s in Heaven

Someday again, I hope to sit
Where onions always bloom
Where all nachos are ultimate
And every cheese is bleu

— Matt Selman