Friday Morning Video Club: Star Wars, Watchmen, Rage

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Apparently there’s an annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge, and George Lucas himself picks one of the winners. Like amateur Star Wars parodies since time immemorial, this one is … sort of funny. It’s probably funnier if you’ve seen Juno. Which I haven’t.
Next up, the Watchmen trailer. I know you’ve already seen it. But like Flanders, you don’t have one from me!

I just fall more deeply, dangerously in love with this trailer every time I watch it. I think the entry point for me is when Billy Crudup is transforming into Dr. Manhattan. He’s spasming, he’s convulsing…but he doesn’t drop his cigarette. (The first time I saw this I thought, wow, they got the doctor from Serenity to play Dr. Manhattan! You have to admit there’s a resemblance.)

And straight from the Jolt-slick floor of QuakeCon, a new trailer for id’s Rage. I have definite id fanboy leanings, so even a shaky-cam version of this makes for quality viewing in my book. But it may not in your book.

p.s. my book is right

p.p.s. the hammer is my penis