Wherein I Play Golf with Tiger Woods

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A couple of days ago EA Sports released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. This would not ordinarily be a major event in my world, except that Tiger Woods did a press tour to promote it. Again: not usually a major event for me. Ordinarily I would let Time’s sports guy, Sean Gregory, handle this — it sort of falls midway between our two jurisdictions, like a murder committed on the border between two towns. Best of luck to you. Not my case.

But Sean’s still in Beijing covering the Olympics. So I went downtown to talk to Tiger instead of him. If you want to know what it’s like talking to Tiger Woods, it’s like talking to a very nice person from a future time where genetic imperfections have been eradicated.

To add to my discomfort, Time videotaped this event happening. Video is not really my medium.

Take a look, but only if you’re willing to confront my hideous true form. Saving throw vs. madness may be required.