This Just In: Alan Moore Smart

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The other day — some other day, I forget which, not this one — io9 pointed me to this documentary by/about Alan Moore:

That’s the first installment. For the rest click through to io9. The production values are amazingly cheesy, even for 1987, but the force of his ultimate-genius-freak personality pushes through.

It’s just him talking, no narrator. It helps that he’s super-tall and skinny and wears white suits and ludicrous sunglasses. There’s a bit where he’s describing the process of getting into character to write from the point of view of a demon, when you realize that hey, he actually doesn’t care if he comes off as cool. He’s not trying to construct some huge mystery around himself. He’s just a huge nerd, and he doesn’t care who knows it. At which point I liked him even more. I hope when I grow up and become a tall, skinny comics genius, I’m just like him.

And apparently Moore isn’t shy in front of the documentary camera, since here’s a clip from a more recent Moore-umentary:

Who knows how many more are out there?