From Webcomic to Book: The Great Outdoor Fight

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My cred as an Achewood fan is in sad disrepair since it took me this long to acknowledge the fact that the Great Outdoor Fight book is now out. “Three days! Three acres! Three THOUSAND men! Only one will win THE GREAT OUTDOOR FIGHT!” It is almost too rich a treat.

Those of you who don’t follow Achewood won’t care about this, though you might think about checking out the Great Outdoor Fight arc, which begins approximately here, and which might possibly cause you to care. There are just too many brilliant moments in it to start quoting them — and it’s really boring to hear Achewood fans talk about Achewood anyway — but I just have to call out a few:

— Ray’s bafflement when Perfect Ron Sipes tells him he’s going to rip off his legs and piss up the stumps: “Man, that’s crazy talk! A leg stump ain’t got holes where your urine can go, Ron!”
— Barry’s G.O.F. blog is called Gasps and Giggles
— There’s a novel’s worth of pathos in this simple exchange: “Seriously, Ted! How come you stuff your pants?” “You’ve not had my life. Don’t judge me.”
— The humble peg-board on which the keys to the Jeeps-of-death are hung is somehow an object of great pathos to me
— Beef’s Greek immigrant uncle, preparing to order pizza: “I know some guy. He have also this, ‘crazy sticks’? But they are bread.”

It’s a glimpse of the world if the world were run by 12-year-old boys drawing on their math notebooks. It’s just unbelievably worth it to have this stuff in hard copy. The only thing I miss is the alt text.

Also I still don’t basically understand if the people fighting are cats or humans.