Great Moments in Internet Video: Mars Rover, Spaghetti

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I’ve gone mad with power while feverishly selecting Time’s Best Inventions of 2008, so instead of writing anything I’m just going to post pretty moving pictures.

1. Your tax dollars went to create this very cool, ambitiously directed animation of what it will look like when the Mars Science Laboratory (Worst Rover Name Ever!) lands on Mars:

It’s cool how it cuts out right before a Transformer steps on it. Presumably this incredibly elaborate contraption is meant to awe any native Martians into sending us yearly tributes, which will probably consist of little flakes of useless silicate, ’cause that’s mostly what they have on Mars.

2. Western Spaghetti:

When I was little my siblings and I used to make little stop-motion animations with a Super 8 camera. They were not as cool as this.