Omnibus Post: Ice And Fire; Wheel of Time; 2012; Watchmen

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Numerous people have e-mailed me this Variety article about how HBO has greenlit the Songs of Ice and Fire mini-series. I thought this had already happened, a while back, but apparently it had been some other color light before. Now it’s green. Good stuff. My only complaint is that they didn’t call George R.R. Martin “The American Tolkien,” which is the tag-line I tried to attach to him once in a Time article. I thought that was in his rider now.

Apparently some random company is also preparing a movie — and accompanying video game! — of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Everything about that idea just reeks of terribleness.

Now: two trailers.

The first is for a disaster movie called 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, who apparently isn’t done messing around with the water-simulating software from The Day After Tomorrow. The movie apparently deals with the terrible toll that world-ending natural disasters will wreak on one seriously screwed Tibetan monk:

It’s sort of like that old trailer for The Shining, but with water and mountains instead of blood and elevators.

Second: a new Watchmen trailer:

It’s sort of messy, not clean and artful like what we’ve already scene, but at least there’s new footage. Lotta Rhorschach — nice to see him being badass — I always felt bad for him not having any powers. Except, you know, being psychotic.

In other news, I can still only embed crappy grainy YouTube video in WordPress. Dammit.