Dollhouse: Don’t Read This Read That

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By which I mean that. My colleague James Poniewozik has seen Dollhouse and blogged about it. He makes a good point:

Dollhouse [sic — Jim is way lazier about italicizing things than I am] as conceived (a heroine plays a different “person” every week) is less a series concept than an actress’ showcase, a sort of extreme version of an Alias undercover premise. (In fact, the reports of how the show was conceived have said that Dushku essentially broached the idea as a showcase.) And the actress being showcased is Eliza Dushku. Now, I have nothing against Dushku. I thought she was fine on Buffy. But she’s not exactly Toni Collette.

But then again, who amongst us is Toni Collette? And can Collette perform flying roundhouse kicks? Actually she probably can.