What Do You Do in a Plane for 25 Hours?

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It turns out that Australia is pretty far away. When you look up the flights on Expedia, next to the flight times there’s a little note that says +2 days. I don’t even think they’re taking into account relativistic effects with that number. I’m heading for Sydney on Monday, and that means I’m looking at 25 solid hours trapped in a metal tube with strangers who talk like Crocodile Dundee. I’m considering trying to dig my way directly through the Earth instead.

My question for you: what’s your gadget strategy for long-haul flying? I’m going on board with an iPod, a laptop and a PSP, but somehow that array of hardware seems pitifully inadequate as a barrier between me and psychotic boredom. Even taking into account my satchel of grey-market pharmaceuticals.

There must be something I’m missing. Maybe Qantas has hypersleep now.