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As if fist-bumping Spider-man wasn’t dorky enough, now Barack Obama is having every detail of his inauguration detailed by the master builders at LEGOLAND California.  (Even a Lego Rick Warren, who opposes same-sex Lego marriage, and a Lego Dick Cheney, hiding out in a Lego bunker five feet under Lego Washington D.C.)


Now that he’s gotten a taste of dork glory, what other items are on Obama’s presidential nerd agenda?  Dungeon mastering in the oval office?  Airbrushing Air Force One with a Frank Frazetta painting of a valkyrie riding a three-headed dragon?  Issuing an Executive Order for J.K. Rowling to write another Harry Potter book?

Our 44th President isn’t shy about using his power.  Rumor has it Obama was behind the Fox-Warner brothers Watchmen detente.  Barack just had to get his Rorschach on.