Flight of the Conchords; Harry Potter and the Elder Swear

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I’m almost ready to forgive the Internet for Twitter, on account of you can watch the whole season premiere of Flight of the Conchords on it for free. It’s funny because they talk funny!

And because, you know, there’s no real news happening anywhere in the world right now, I’ll post another amusing video (which I can actually embed, since our blog software apparently likes it too). When the whole Potter Puppet Pals thing happened, I sort of lazily assumed it was a one-off. I was so wrong! I had no idea there was an entire rich oeuvre of these things to be delved into, each one more genius than the last, with their own internal mythology and their own incisive critical take on the whole Potterverse.

I think “Wizard Swears” is the genius-est. “He doesn’t mean it, Neville.” “I mean every word I ever say ever. Because I’m Harry Potter!”

You sicken me. Yaaaaaay!