A Crazy Ending Where Something Happens

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This may be the blog turf of Time TV critic James Ponzionsoinzweik, but I had to bring it up. ABC’s Life on Mars just aired its series finale. And when my friend’s mom told him what the show’s twist ending was, and he told me, I had to see it for myself. Now, I never watched the American version of the program, but I would argue that this crazy series-capper is more enjoyable without ever seeing one second of the actual regular show.

Click here to watch it. (Or, click here then click a few more times and hope for the best.) But once you’re at the series finale – skip ahead to minute 37.

Isn’t that a balls-out, hail-Mary of an ending? They just go for it with insane Futurama jokes and a bizarre literal interpretation of the show’s title. The big plot payoffs are all the more goofy fun having no idea what the setups are. Is this a “good” ending? Who knows. It’s just surreal to take it in ice cold, knowing nothing, putting your TV inference skills to the test.  Maybe this is how ER should have gone out.