Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Trailer

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It’s here. You’ve probably seen it. Let’s put it here too:

I wonder why I’m not more stoked about this. I mean, love Robert Downey, Jr. I could watch him shave. I often do, through a telephoto lens, outside his heavily guarded estate. But this feels like a bit of a mess to me — like Guy Ritchie trying really hard not to be Guy Ritchie. There’s a bit of Jack Sparrow (the comic biz with the hammer) and some howlarious buddy-comedy bickering and some Pink Panther wacky hijinks, and maybe a bit of Da Vinci Code historical mysteriousness, and one big fat fire-ball explosion straight outta the seventies. They should call this Holmes & W.A.T.S.O.N.

I don’t mind them reenvisioning Holmes. But there’s a lot of people in this who are saying lines as if they’re witty one-liners, and they kind of ain’t: (“Does your depravity know no bounds?” “No.”) The only part that felt real was when Sherlock was punching a dude in the face in slo-mo.

Good to see Jude Law back in action, though. He’ll always be Gigolo Joe to me.