Now We Are 40

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As a housekeeping sidenote, I’m going to be 40 years old on Friday.

Heck, 40. It’s just a number. Like any other number. Well, I guess it’s a Størmer number. Oh, and also half my life is over and probably more and I’m going to be dead soon.

Rejected schemes for becoming immortal:

  • get bitten by vampire (ethical probs, plus an eternal life of sparkling is no life at all)
  • find out I’m an Immortal (chancy, since you have to get killed first, plus they’re not even really immortal, it’s a total misnomer)
  • bathe in pillar of fire (research further)
  • perform great deeds that will echo throughout the ages, thus ensuring my name lives on forever (impractical; plus there’s the Woody Allen problem)
  • etc.
  • I’m mulling celebration options. Extreme model rocketry? Combo Star Wars/Star Trek/Aliens/Raiders marathon? Play through Ninja Gaiden over and over again while tears for my lost dreams drop one by one into the metal grill of my Xbox, until it finally shorts out? Actually socialize with my friends and family? I throw it out there: what’s the most balls-out nerdy way to celebrate a birthday?

    (This may turn out to be one of those sad open topics that yields no comments. Well there’s always alcohol and poker.)