Official Excitement Notice: District 9

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Chiggity-check out the new trailer:

I hate the part of me that gets all fanboyish about things like this. Sort of doomed to disappointment (cf. the matter of Cloverfield et al), I suppose. You can see the bare outlines of pretty conventional plot being hinted at here: aliens invent serum that transforms human into human-alien hybrid, who then shows us that underneath the skin and/or chitinous exoskeleton we are all one. Cue world peace.

But I feel like I could watch those helicopters floating up toward those massive, distance-blurred worldships (at 2:09) all day, while invisible South African ladies enunciate crisply in the background. Maybe I will! Who’s going to stop me?

Or I would, except that I’m going to Readercon in Massachusetts tonight. Anyone else?