Now In Paper-Vision: Thoughts About Wizard Rock

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They’re here.

This was a tough piece to write. There’s a school of journalism that you might call the what-will-those-crazy-nerds-think-of-next! school. That is not the school at which I wish to matriculate. I wanted to give a genuine unsnarky, unwinking account of what Wizard Rock actually is. This is not something that contemporary journalistic rhetoric is particularly configured to do. But I hope it comes across relatively undistorted. (Though I notice “DeGeorge” became “Degeorge” somehow, at least in the online version. To Azkaban with the copyeditors.)

At any rate, Swish & Flick have now, irreversibly, been mentioned in Time magazine. That seems important somehow. (Give a listen to the Swish & Flick theme song, the first track on their MySpace page. Unreal. Esp Flick’s heavily vocoded outro at 2:50: “Ha-a-a-a-rry Po-o-o-o-o-tteeerrrrr … “